I received a Review Unit of the Amzer Silicone Jelly Case for the Nexus 7.It is a shockproof case and is available for $10.I have used this case on my Nexus 7 and now I am Reviewing it


Packaging and Design

The Amzer Case and the screen protector

The Packaging Of the Case is simple with the Case Itself And A piece of Paper saying that It is made for Nexus 7.The Case I have is Blue in colour.You can select from 10 different colours for your Nexus 7.The Case is made up of High Quality Silicone and is very flexible.The Front corners of the case have double layered silicon to protect the Tab from Bumps and shocks if it falls on its side.You also have the Proper cut outs for different ports.The Sides of the Case Have a textured design which provides a good grip for holding and helps in minimizing the drops from our hands.The Back again has a double Layer Silicone to Protect the Tab from Shock if it falls on its back,Overall,The Design of the Case is nice and protective too




The Case and Nexus 7

The Case is thin and adds minimum thickness to the Tablet.Putting the Case is very easy.You just need to slide the top part of the nexus 7 inside and the other to corners snap on.After you put on the Case,The tablet does seem heavy.The Case covers the front of the Tab pretty well, so even if you keep your nexus face down,It will not scratch Your screen.There are proper cut-outs for the Camera,Light Sensors,Speaker,Microphone and the Accessory port.On the side,there are raised silicon buttons for the Power buttons as well as the Volume Rocker.


For $10, This is a very good case.The Only con I had is that,The case adds a bit of Weight and the Textured silicon may attract a bit of a dust.Overall,I liked this case very much.It provides proper protection to the Nexus 7 and is shock proof too.You also have a choice of 10 different colours to customize your Nexus 7.Check out my unboxing and review video here

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