With a grand event in New York, Samsung Unveiled the new Galaxy S4. The phone sports a whooping 5inch 1080p along with a super fast processor.At the time of writing this article,the S4 has been named as the “Fastest” smartphone on Earth.But,this poses a big question to the Galaxy S3 about whether they should update to Galaxy S4. Although, S4 has bumped up specifications from S3 but would these “improved” specifications matter to an average user? Read the Article to Find Out further.

Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy S4- Whats new?


Although the S3 and the S4 share the same design,The  S4 has a larger 4.99″ screen compared to 4.8″ on Galaxy S3.The major difference between the screens of the two smartphones is the Resolution i.e., The number of pixels that make up a screen.The Galaxy S3 had a screen resolution of 720×1280 pixels (720p) with a pixel density of 308.Samsung has upped the resolution to Full HD in Galaxy S4 i.e, 1080×1920 pixels giving it an insane pixel density of 441. Although, The human eye cannot distinguish details beyond 300 ppi,The S4 screen would still look better.The Galaxy S4 has Gorilla Glass 3 compared to Gorilla Glass 2 on the Galaxy S3.So if you do a lot of reading or Video Watching on your cell phone and are ready to shell out the Money, You might pick up the S4 but the S3 screen would suffice most of the average users.

2.Device Aesthetics

 Being from the same family,The Galaxy S3 and S4 share the same design.The S4 at 7.93 mm and 130grams is thinner and lighter than the S3(8.6 mm and 133 grams).The S4 has a 4.99″ screen compared to the 4.8″ on the S3


This is where the things get a bit Tricky.Like the Galaxy S3,The S4 also has 2 models.The US and the UK versions of the S4 will have a Quad Core Snapdragon 600 CPU with LTE support.The International Version of S4 will have the Exynos Octa Core(Yes,8 core CPU) chip.The US galaxy S3 had a dual core Snapdragon Processor and the International S3 had Exynos Quad Core.So,Obviously,The S4 has much better Processor than S3 making things faster and snappier without any kind of lag.This improvement would Largely be seen in GPU and CPU demanding Heavy Games on Android.But for an average user,who doesn’t game much on his phone,isnt a power user and uses his phone for just making phone calls,EMails,Reminders,Taking Notes etc The S3 should be good enough.

4.Software Features

  Samsung showed a lot of Software features on the Galaxy S4 which were made by them.The introduced the Airview feature from the Note 2 on the S4 wherein you can just hover your hand over a picture to take a quick glance or scroll through a movie without touching the screen.Samsung also introduced motion control in which you can just swipe your hand across the screen to scroll through web pages.There were also many other Gimmicky features like S-Translate,S-Health,Group Play,Smart Pause and Camera software improvements.But Samsung didnot forget the S3 users.Most of the Software features of the S4 are going to land on the S3 with the 4.2.2 update.Moreover,Samsung has announced that Galaxy S4 and S3 would be upgradable to Android 5.0. So S3 users, Dont worry about the Software!

5.Camera Improvements




The Galaxy S3,The Galaxy s4(center) and the iPhone 5

Samsung has upped the Camera to 13-Megapixels from 8 megapixels of the Galaxy S3.Along With the hardware improvement,Samsung has redefined The Camera App.S4 sports a dual camera mode wherein You can take a picture or a video simultaneously with both the Cameras.The Camera,as usual,Can Record in 1080p.Fortunately,All the above Camera Features will land on S3 with the 4.2.2 Update

6.Battery life

The Galaxy S3 had a 2100 mAh battery whereas The S4 has a 2600mAh.Sure,This means a better battery life on the S4 but the device has to support a bigger,higher resolution screen.Overall,there should be a minor improvement in the Battery Life.


Although the S4 has better performance and a higher screen,Upgrading from an S3 depends upon a user.If you use your S3 for tasks like Calling,Emailing,mild Gaming and movie watching etc it should suffice you.Since S3 and S4 both will have Android 5.0 and S3 would receive most of the S4 features with 4.2.2 upgrade,There wouldnot be much difference in the Software arena.Moreover features like AirView,Smart Pause are gimmicky and I dont find anyone using it Daily.

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