Things to look for while buying an Android Phone

When you’re buying an Android Phone; like most of the users, you’re going to get confused by the array of Android Devices available in the market.There’s LG,Motorola,Samsung,Sony,Asus etc and all have made great phones.So here’s my quick guide on what things to look for while buying an Android-

1.Operating System
The Operating System a phone runs, is one of the most important basis of this   


comparison.There are many Android OS versions out now like Gingerbread,Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean,the latter being the latest.
Onr should choose a phone with the latest operating system if possible.

One of the major concerns after buying an Android Phone is the Updates.A google phone i.e. The Nexus get rapidly the latest updates when out but when it comes to the other brands,its solely dependent on the manufacturer.So you should buy the phone whose manufacturer is responsive during updates and provides each and every updates to its phones in the 18 month period. A Nexus is the best buy if you want the latest updates.

3.Developmental Forums
The main purpose of buying an Android is its Open Source Feature and Customizing it the way you want to.So,before buying a phone you must check out various development forums to get an idea so as to which phones are development friendly.

Do check the development forums

4.Miscellaneous Features
Other features which are basically user dependents are Camera,Screen Resolution,Pixel Density,Procesor,RAM features like USB on the go,NFC etc

So this was my guide on buying an Android Phone.let me know how you like it in the comment box.

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