Apple Entered the Tablet world in 2010 with the launch of the first generation 9.7″ iPad.It was a total hit and it has developed over years giving us the latest iPad 4.Now, Apple has entered the 7 inch tab arena and launched the iPad Mini on October 23,2012 in San Jose,California.So, today we’re gonna find out whether it is a true competitor to the 7 inch tabs out there considering the cheapest pure Google tablet-The Nexus 7

1.Physical Form Factor and Battery Life

The iPad mini is 7.87 inches Tall and 5.3 inches wide with a thickness of only 7.2 mm. That’s a real thin Tablet!. Nexus 7 on the other hand,is 7.81 inches tall 4.72 inch wide and 10.45 mm thin.So iPad Mini is slightly thinner,wider and longer than the Nexus 7.The iPad Mini weighs 308 grams or 0.68 pounds and The Nexus weighs 340 grams

Nexus 7 has a 4323 mAh Battery giving it 9 hours of HD video playback, 10 hours of browsing and 300 hours of Standby Time whereas, the Battery on the iPad Mini 10 hours of WiFi,Videos and Music.So Battery specs seem to be the same

iPad Mini And Nexus 7

2.Screen Comparison

iPad Mini sports a 7.9 inch LED IPS display with a resolution of 1024×768 with 163 pixels per inch.The display is obviously a Multi Touch One and is also fingerprint resistant

Whereas, The Nexus 7 has a smaller 7 inch display with a higher resolution of 1280×800 with a gorgeous 216 pixels per inch.So images are gonna slightly look better on the Nexus.It sports a Corning Gorilla Glass which makes it more tougher.

The 7 inch size also makes it feasible to hold in hand than the iPad but Ultimately its a User’s preference about the size.

Both of them do have great displays


iPad mini has been launched with a dual core A5 processor and it has the new lightning connector. The LTE version will boast a nano sim card tray too. Nexus 7 packs a quad core Tegra 3 processor and a Gig of Ram and a Micro USB port.So processor wise Nexus 7 might have an edge but we need to wait to see how this iPad performs

The Nexus 7

3.Connectivity and Camera

iPad Mini is available in two models- WiFi only and WiFi+LTE. It has 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi technology along with Bluetooth 4.0.It has DATA ONLY LTE on major US carriers.The iPad mini has two cameras. The rear one is a 5 megapixel iSight Camera with auto focus, Face Detection,Backside illumination and all that goodness and it shoots videos at 1080p too.The rear lens has a f/2.4 aperture.The front camera is a 1.2MP facetime HD camera which shoots at 720p, so now your Facetime calls will always be in High Definition with your iPad Mini.

Nexus 7 sadly has only WiFi support yet but also has bluetooth to seamlessly connect with the devices.Nexus 7 has no backside camera  but has a 1.2 MP front facing camera for video calls via Skype etc. But This Tablet does have NFC along with Android Beam which is not present in the iPad Mini

4.Pricing and Storage

The iPad Mini is available from 16 GB to 64 GB starting with a price tag of $329 for the 16GB wifi Only model.The 16 GB WiFi + LTE Model is priced at $459. The iPad Mini will be shipping with iOS 6 and Siri(absent in iPad 2).So this doesn’t make a cheap tablet.

Nexus 7 presently is available in a smaller 8GB and then a 16 GB model with a 32 GB one being in talks and rumuors. The 8 GB models starts at $199 and the 16GB at $249.This tablet ships with Android 4.1 JellyBean Out of the Box and has the much anticipated Google Now


The choice between one of these is totally user dependent.Android lovers and Apple lovers will surely have different opinions.For an average user, if one wants a larger screen size iPad Mini is the option but for the ones who love their tabs to fit in one hand so that they can work,read,play easily on the go might like Nexus 7 more.Nexus 7 has a slightly higher ppi and Resolution.So for a Display Lover like Me,Nexus 7 would be Great.So basically all comes down to personal preferences. All the major spec details is covered in this article for you to refer.I hope you guys like my first article and comment on the same.

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